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Authentic Taste of Zambia (Kafue & Lower Zambezi)

Area description

Kafue: Kafue National Park at 22,400 square kilometres is Zambia’s largest and oldest National Park. Named after the Kafue river whose headwaters lie in the Copperbelt on the border with the DRC and flow southwards through the park from North to South. The habitats and topography are extremely varied from the vast plains of the Busanga, the Miombo Forrest areas, flood plains, the rocky islands of the Kafue, and the lake that sits behind the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam. The Kafue is a wilderness like no other. A vast area and seasonally abundant surface water mean that the game population in this park is dispersed, but the huge wilderness gives rise to a diversity of bird and animal life that is almost unmatched. Notable species in the Kafue include a small population of cheetah, red lechwe, sitatunga, lions, and many others.

Lower Zambezi: The Lower Zambezi is well-known for its large wildlife. And this is one of the reasons you want to visit this region of Africa. Consider the following: massive herds of elephants and buffalo, a sizable population of Nile crocodiles, and predators such as lions, leopards, and the African wild dog. Along with the fauna, there is the great blue Zambezi River. It is ideal for kayaking since it flows gently due to its moderate grade. All of this against the spectacular Zambezi escarpment, which gently dips down to reach the river. Because there is so much more to say about this unusual place, keep reading for more fascinating insights.

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