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Mosi oa Tunya National Park


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The 6,500ha Park extends around the falls and along the Zambezi River and is an Important Bird Area. A small fenced-off section, known as the Game Park, is the home to white rhinos that have been introduced and do not occur naturally in Zambia.  Within the park is an area called the Old Drift – this is where the pioneers first settled and ferried their goods across the Zambezi before the bridge was built.  There is also an old graveyard here.

The habitat is a mixture of riverine vegetation, dry mixed woodland, and mopane. The game which may be seen in the park include zebra, bushbuck, waterbuck, hippo, impala, giraffe, elephant, kudu, common duiker, warthog, and buffalo. The elephants visit at will, swimming out onto the islands and across to Zimbabwe, which is a spectacular sight.  The greatest number of elephants are seen in the park during the dry season from July to November.