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Chobe National Park

Holiday Type

Large, species-rich national park on the Chobe with a huge elephant population and other big game. The national park is 900 meters above sea level on the four-country corner of Namibia's Caprivi Strip, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana and has an annual rainfall of 500 to 600 mm. It is part of the planned cross-border protected area Kavango-Zambezi.

The national park was named after the Chobe River, which forms the northern boundary of the park for over 35 kilometers. The Chobe comes from Angola and is called Cuando there. The Chobe district, in which the park is located, is named after the river. The Chobe National Park is known for the huge elephant and Cape buffalo herds and forms the south of the range of the Puku. Particularly high concentrations of game can be found around the Savuti River in the Mababesenke, which was once a large lake.